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147", beam 29' draft 8'.

Lowest level in bow is a large bedroom. Originally crew quarters. Rest of lowest level is engine rooms and utility rooms. No living space.

Level 1. Has hold which is used as a large work room. Then it enters into living quarters where there are two bedrooms, a large full bath, kitchen and living room.

Level 2 has a bedroom and large dining area that was the enclosed cabin area for passengers. It has a stage. This is where they have parties. It also has a half bath.

Then the wheelhouse on the top is two rooms and is a fantastic bedroom. Has sink. The wheelhouse and crew quarters are very private guest quarters separated from the main living space. You could have guests and barely know they are there.

The two bedrooms, kitchen, full bath and living room are all finished in high MacKenzie-Childs style.

Total: 5 bedrooms and 1 full bath and 1 1.2 bath.


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Bosch eco washer and a drier for 220 hook up.

MSD - maritime sanitation devise - purifies waste and waste water, and is approved by the coast guard according to New York City standards and regulations.

17 coast guard approved fire extinguishers strategically placed throughout the vessel.

Yankee is directly connected to the city's water grid, providing running water throughout the vessel for drinking, cooking and heating.

large water boiler that provides hot water for heating the boat as well as for bathing.

working pellet stove to heat the main deck. Cast iron wood stove that is native to Yankee in the passenger gallery.

two propane cook stoves. One in the captains quarters and one in the main galley on the main deck.


Statement of condition:

Yankee Ferry, Registered within The National Registry of Historic Places —available for private sale for the first time in her second millennium:

She comes pure and clear of detached objects for $1,250.000. Currently this historic ship, Yankee Ferry, houses many perfectly befitting iconic artifacts as per her own rich history, as well as many of the one of a kind works, high-end production works, first renditions, and personal collections of artists, Victoria & Richard MacKenzie-Childs, her current stewards. By mid-January, many of these works will be on the public market, separately from the ship. The ship’s content, as it is now, will be dispersed. However, at any point in the sale of the contents, the buyer of the vessel may decide to purchase Yankee Ferry with or without what is left of her iconic history. Prices for larger portions of her equipment and collections will vary according to the breadth of the story desired by the purchaser.

Yankee’s Historic Electrical Fazes ~ Intact and In-operation:

She has had a wonderful long relationship with an astute Electrical Engineer for just shy of 30 years. He knows her inside & out and doesn’t allow anyone less to “fiddle". He is regarded with the highest esteem here in the NYC archipelago. Yankee is an historic vessel and everything about her enlightens her rich timeline through each period of electrical invention for 110 + years. Every decade shows up in her systems. We love seeing time travel through her many fazes of electricity. We have gone a bit retro in our own period of stewardship, for we have found so many beautiful industrial reliquary of outlets & switches in crunchy old boxes stowed away below decks, which we have chosen to reuse; just as beautiful a feature as the paintings on the walls. They seem to illumine her genuine story every time we crank a switch . . . always in a counter-intuitive location of the ship.

Yankee’s Hull History:

Steel doublers were fitted to Yankee’s old iron sides in 1943, and since then she has had frequent diver’s hull inspections and in-water surveys (as per insurance requisites), and dry docking, every 10 years. The last time we took her to Dry Dock all zincs were routinely replaced, she was sand blasted, steel plates were welded where ever needed, sealed, and painted with marine grade epoxy. The word on the street was that everyone was shocked at her condition, expecting much worse, from looking at her on the inside. The outside was so strong and faultless that the insurance company came to see for themselves, as it was quite a striking departure from the predictions for a vessel of her maturity.

With no overt problems, it is impossible to know of an “estimate" for Dry Docking. Also, every yard has different fixed costs. This research can be only partially done ahead of time, but there is no honest estimate for Dry Docking end costs. (if it is not used for unaware public involvement, the costs can be determined by what the owner actually wants to do . . . how much they want to spend). Also, any rare unknowns may adjust the time in Dry Dock. Another element to always be aware of is that if the yard has weather issues whilst a vessel is in place the time may differ, or if once it arrives it has to stay in a holding position whilst unknown delays from the previous ship occur. The vessel owner must realize that anything in nature or the nature of the work can change the time involvement.

Yankee’s Stay-Aboard Status:

Yankee, for about 2 years, had a stay-aboard program. Guests came to stay aboard whilst visiting or working in NYC. Some were regular recurring guests, others were a mix of tourists from round the world. We shared her in this way before she was registered with the Coast Guard. This activity was so gratifying to the public, to our crew, and to Yankee. It was never shut down for any reason but our own. We stopped the Stay-Aboard program because we were ready for a move to an industrial setting in Red Hook, down near the Statue of Liberty in NYC, which is zoned for industry only. We decided to contact the Coast Guard at our own impetus. We were not registered with the Coast Guard after Yankee retired from her commercial role round 1990. Since then she was moved off the grid. The Coast Guard did not “know" of her existence! We contacted the Coast Guard to learn how to register her with them so that we could endeavor readying her whilst in harbor at the Gowanus Bay for our higher desires for an international negotiation sight, international business deal making sight, and other community, business, inventive experimentation, or world political and environmental symposiums. She has never been shut down but for our own purposes and progression toward her higher goals for her second millennium in her role changing the world.

Yankee’s Coast Guard Relationship & Friendship:

Last year the Coast Guard inspected her from the inside. They cannot inspect her hull and give her authority to bring on the “unaware" public (aware public is ok . . . friends, family, small groups) until she goes into dry dock this time. Whilst she is out of the water they will determine how much work she needs in order to authenticate her for the unaware public. She is registered as dock-side (she has always been tugged to locations since we have had her. We have not put her under her own power, though her engine and generators would be operable with routine maintenance adjustments). She is approved for private use for instance, our crew of up to 8 in summer months, plus Bosun, our family & pets currently occupy Yankee Ferry.

Yanke Ferry's guilelessness has caught the hearts and imaginations of many a man, not least, the US Coast Guard. They came to her with grand sophisticated suspicions, fears and doubts; but immediately, she won their fancy and they have befriended her well beyond the straightness of their stripes. “Yankee", a man recently said, "is disarming!” She is a humble servant, she is flexible, ebullient, and ineffable, even. In spite of her spritely slipper of a physique, she has flourished with more years than 99% of the ships in all the seas of the earth could ever have hoped to know. She has served in dangerous situations, yet, her artlessness wins the hearts and minds of many a captain and crew. The Coast Guard of these waters has a love affair with fair Yankee, her LadyShip, and intends to watch over her from a distance, being always careful not to intrude upon her genuine stature. She is recognized as a national . . . indeed, a world emblem.



12 Cylinder General Motors diesel. 12-567


The oldest existing Ellis Island Ferry. Built in 1907, acquired by Victoria & Richard Mackenzie-Childs in 2003 and rennovated with their creative touch. 150 foot historic vessel listed on National Register of historic places. Currently configured as residence with 11 bedrooms. Potential as public exhibit, Event Venue / Restaurant. "Either afloat upon the waters, OR mounted upon the land, or cresting a building like an elegant. Crown! A most intriguing vista from without and from within.



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